Bye Bye Bricks & Mortar

personal selling

I cannot remember the last time I physically went into a clothing store, try something on and then purchased it. Can you? Nowadays the convenience and ease of internet shopping has made going to the local shopping centre redundant. This change in my lifestyle didn’t come to light until I undertook studying consumer behavior and I was curious if my friends felt the same. When I discussed this concept with my roommates I found that I was not alone. But the reasoning behind their change in habits differed from my own. (WARNING!! The next statement might offend you if you work in retail).

My main reason I would rather purchase goods online is (as depicted above) that I cannot stand dealing with the retail employees! When I go shopping I know what I am going to buy so my plan heading into the adventure is to get in and out as quick as possible. But having to make awkward conversation when both myself and the employee know we don’t want to be there just make my experience worse. One of my roommate’s reasons that I found was similar and complimenting my own was that she has a better connection with the websites when using them and doesn’t feel judged like she does in a store. I think these reasons bring forward a vital issue that could be influencing the switch to online purchasing. It is the question of do online stores do a better job of personal selling when there is no person to person contact than a retail store? If the answer is yes this is the start of the end for the conventional brick and mortar store. When online businesses can create a greater personal connection with its target market without actually having a person to person interaction.  Better bring out the bulldozers and say “bye bye” to the little old shop. For a retail stores their personal selling function is vital in making customers repeat purchase. it seems from my little observations that they are no longer competitive against an intangible non-human website which is sad to see. This trend will see your local main street shop windows become more and more vacate. Unless retail store can improve their efforts.


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