Is what we are “LIKING” really the truth

social media

How many times a day do you post, comment and/or share on social media? Social media platforms like twitter, Facebook and Instagram are forever more and more being intertwined in every activity we do.  From showing the world how good your new clothes look on you to tagging in at a festival to show everyone your hip. Social media is the place where you present your best self to the world and can give your two cents on just about everything. But taking a step back from the light hearten fun that social media promotes I want to talk about its influence on our attitudes. The use of social media as a marketing tool has been around since its inception but not every user understands how. I know I have been guilty of this and I am sure you have been too. Ever brought a certain brand of product because you saw your celebrity idol post about? Or you have starting liking one brand over another because your friend posted it on Instagram? These are just some examples of how companies are changing your (the consumers) attitude towards their brand. By linking their product with a celebrity they are saying to everyone that they stand for the same principles as the celebrity. This influences the everyday user due to that fact that within social media there has developed an idea of the “desired lifestyle”.

From conveniently angle camera shots that give a look of all natural setting but subtly centres on a product, clever marketers are using these associations to manipulate our behavior by saying to live this lifestyle we must consumer the right products.

So I ask of you, next time you go on Instagram, Facebook or twitter I want you look take a deeper look into the people you follow. Are they really showing a correct representation of their lives or is a set up to influence you towards a brand? I feel that many users feel that there is no business practices taking place on social media therefore we have to educate everyone so that individuals can make informed attitudes and decision on what they buy.


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